Good morning !
We use DHL as the carrier on all our shipments for reasons of speed of dispatch (from 24 to 96 hours for their deliveries to you) and security.
We will send you an email with the code once the order has been shipped.
1- You know how to track your package
This is rare, but sometimes packages can be damaged upon arrival.
Two scenarios :
1- The package is damaged, but the goods are intact, in this case you know how to report it to us (without obligation) and send us by email the order number, your tracking number and the photo of the damaged package to: info@hash-store-france.fr
2- The package is damaged and the goods too, in this case, you must report it to UPS, report it to us (obligation) and send us by email the order number, your tracking number, your telephone number as well than the photo of the package and damaged goods to:
In this case, we will be able to follow the refund or exchange procedure and we will get in touch more quickly in order to find the most suitable solution that suits you.
I hope this tutorial is comprehensive enough to make your job easier!
The French Hash team!